PCD Pharma Franchise

PCD Pharma Franchise

Top Pharma Franchise Company In India

Healthcorp Pharmachem (Division of Superlative Healthcare) is the most trusted partner for people on their health journey. Being an ISO 9001:2015 and WHO-GMP certified company and globally recognized, we are the preferred choice for PCD Pharma Franchise in India. Our Superlative Healthcare is a subsidiary of Biomax Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd. that is highly engaged in the production of Non-Beta Lactam Capsules and Non-Beta Lactam Tablets

We are one of the most established names in the Ethical Pharma Franchise in India and provide franchises to enthusiastic people and emerging entrepreneurs who want to develop a long-term career in pharmaceutical distribution by collaborating with a reliable partner.

With our business partnership, we are ensuring that individuals all over the country have access to our high-quality medicine variety. Our high-quality product line includes capsules, tablets, and many other new products, which offer a welcome opportunity to start a business dedicated to achieving a healthy and disease-free society.


Why Invest In Tablets And Capsule Drugs For PCD Pharma Franchise In India?

The demands for tablets and capsules formulations are high when compared to other drug dosage forms like syrups, sachets, etc. They are one of the most highly anticipated medication forms that experts prescribe. This is due to their easy absorption properties. These formulations easily meet the growing demand for high-quality medical and healthcare services.

Join Top Pharma Franchise Company in India if you want to attain good profits. A PCD franchise brings you one step closer to building your own business with endless growth opportunities. With time, your tablets and capsules range will cover different market segments, which will help you prosper. A franchise of Tablets & Capsules range meets diverse demands at a time. Thus, you can provide superior services to your current and potential customers.

What do We Provide Our Pharma Franchise Associates?

At Healthcorp Pharmachem, we believe in working to build a strong partnership and mutual growth. This is the only way to be successful in the Pharma Franchise industry. We provide a plethora of advantages and support to our business partners to encourage them and help them sustain themselves in the market.

Here we offer our PCD Pharma Franchise Partners in India are as follows:

  • Our Pharma franchise opportunity will help you to become the sole distributor or wholesaler of monopoly products. It allows you to sell things in your zone without having to compete with anyone else.
  • We manufacture our entire range of customized Tablets & Capsules in GMP-WHO facilities that adhere to high-quality standards. Our portfolio also includes Analgesics, Antibiotics & Anti-Infective, Anticold & Anti Allergic Cardiovascular Drugs, Gastro & Antiementic & Anti Ulcerant, Haematinics, and Neurology & Nutritional Supplements.
  • We are continually investing in bringing new medicines to the market to adapt to evolving market needs so that you will always be ready for competition.
  • For your valuable doctors, the company provides visual aids, samples, reminder cards, order books, visiting cards, MR bags, promotional dairies & pads for your valuable doctors.
  • To provide our associates with the best service, we make sure to deliver all the products on time in all parts of the country.
  • We make certain that the packaging of our products is comprised of the highest quality materials. This ensures that medicines have a prolonged shelf life and are protected from harm.

Why choose Healthcorp Pharmachem As the Best Pharma Franchise Company?

Healthcorp Pharmachem is an attractive destination for dedicated and hard-working people who want to do an impactful job with a social service angle to assist the world to live a healthier life.

State of the art manufacturing unit

We have a Non-Beta Lactam tablet and capsule manufacturing facility that is equipped with a fully automated high-speed capsule filling machine that was designed with technology to fill the tablet in capsules along with the pellets or powder.

Quality Commitment-

We maintain high-quality standards in our pharmaceutical franchise company, not just for pharmaceuticals but also for packaging. Our work has always been driven by the use of the highest-quality ingredients and the highest-quality packaging materials.

24X7 Supports

If you require any information or have any issues, we are always available to assist you. We make certain that those who do business with us grow to fulfill their potential.

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