Healthcorp Pharmachem has retained the same passion for development that is marked in its inception. OTC division of Superlative Healthcare , we, Non-Beta Lactam Tablets Manufacturers have grown to become the market leader in ACDU- 150, ACESTAY- 500, ACE STAY- E, ANZOD – 6, CORP – GM- 1, CORP- GM- 2 and many more. For years, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in Pharmaceutical Tablets Manufacturers in India. We do thorough research on all of our formulations to improve shelf-life, solubility, and the overall quality of our Tablets formulation. The selection of appropriate formulations and techniques is part of our tablet development process. These formulations/processes are evaluated to discover the essential characteristics that may influence the efficiency of the required specified target profile. However, all credit for this goes to our highly skilled, experienced, and professional experts, who work tirelessly to ensure that medicine manufacture is safe and effective.

We, HEALTHCORP PHARMACHEM believe in maintaining our leadership in Tablet Manufacturing on a worldwide scale. All of our goods have been approved by the DCGI. While our packaging is of the highest quality, we are also concerned about package production.


  • Ease of swallowing
  • Best tablet coating
  • Accurate weight
  • Smooth surface area
  • Utilized Modern Analytical Instruments

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