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Healthcorp Pharmachem

(OTC Division of Superlative Healthcare)
(A Company owned by BBPL Group of Companies)

(BBPL)Biomax Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd (A WHO GMP, GLP Certified & Export Unit) .

A company Which was created in Chandigarh, India in August 2004, to give remarkable strength to the growing demand of trusted, recognizable, esteemed and distinctive brand in India.

And because of successful history of BBPL , Now the company has Its own Manufacturing unit of Non-Beta Lactam Tablets & Capsules. We have a huge capacity to manufacture capsules section as company have fully automated high speed capsule filling machine with the art of science to fill in the tablet in capsules along with the pellets or powder. Also we have huge capacity to produce tablets i.e row of 25 lakhs tablets per shift of 8 hours & 10 lac Capsule per shift of 8 hours.

We are engaged in manufacturing of Non-Beta Lactam Capsules & Tablets and with 3rd party manufacturing facility supplying a wide range of formulation such as a tablets, injections and new drugs that are DCGI Approved. These include Analgesics, Antibiotics & Anti-Infective, Anticold & Anti Allergic Drugs.  Apart From These, our Range also include Cardiovascular Drugs, Gastro & Antiementic & Anti Ulcerant, Haematinics, Neurology & Nutritional Supplements.

In April 2018, BBPL group has Launched SUPERLATIVE HEALTHCARE in O.T.C/Generic Market, which had  achieved high position in the market due to the extensive support of our dedicated associated team which ensure valuable services to pharmaceuticals world. We have enough capable potential team in field and administrative office to achieve organizational goals.

& Now  because of Successful History of  Superlative Healthcare, company has  its new OTC division i.e Healthcorp Pharmachem Launched in January 2021


K S Chauhan


It gives us immense Pleasure to give an insight about company.

“We are Building on our History to hard work, diligence and success by working Tirelessly. Since, we are committed to provide Extra Ordinary services in improving health and Quality of our Lives, across the country”, so we have take very fast growth in last 16 years.

Whether you are a marketing Health professional, Pharmacist or Nursing home /Hospital owner please consider our website as your personal resource for learing more about BBPL and exploring our company.

We appreciate your interset in our company, its products and people. It will also Continue to be a great place to work together. we continue to accomplish great things.


What we do?

We have been completing digital projects. We also work hard to cover the milestones and provide the best capsules and tablets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the increasing demand and provide the best products without compromising the quality of the manufacturers and suppliers. We maintain the highest output at the lowest cost of production and continue to serve the same.

Our Vision

e-Commerce is continually increasing and influencing all industrial sectors. Our vision is to change the entire business model to meet the current business demands and achieve success.